A complete eLog Software Solution

Sophisticated, affordable, multi-level software tool for the recording and reporting of ALL marine

and vessel-based data.

Olrac is an advanced electronic log book (eLog) software solution capable of collecting, analyzing, plotting, mapping, reporting, tracing and transmitting all vessel-related data, specially customised for the commercial fishing industry.

The Olrac Electronic Logbook Software Solution consists of 2 components; Olrac Dynamic Data Logger (Olrac DDL) and Olrac Dynamic Data Manager (Olrac DDM). For complete management of individual vessels or entire fleets.


Vessel Unit

Olrac Dynamic Data Logger is the world leading onboard Electronic Logbook Software Solution for the capturing, management and
reporting of all marine-based activities.

Standards for Electronic Fishery Information Solutions (eFIS)

Fisheries are evolving toward greater collaboration and self-governance in response to mandates for sustainability, catch shares, cost recovery and environmentally responsible fishing operations.
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Shore Units

Olrac Dynamic Data Manager is a complete, web based, vessel registry and quota management system.
Olrac GIS is an optional visual data analysis
module which analyzes subsets and data.


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